What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

What is Affiliate MarketingWhen looking for a way to earn money online, you will hear about affiliate marketing. If you have never heard of it, you may be wondering: “What is affiliate marketing? And does it work?”, “What should I know to start with?”, “What do I need?”

The first thing to know is that you don’t need to have any kind of knowledge to start.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To keep it simple, you are going to promote other’s people product online through your website and when someone buys it, you earn a commission for this sell.

What do you need?

Nothing but a website. You don’t need to have your own product, a physical store, or anything like that, only your website to write about the product of your choice. And you don’t need to know anything about business or marketing.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • First, you choose something that you like, a passion or anything you have an interest in, this is called a “niche”. It will be the subject of your website.
  • Now, you have to create a website. Don’t worry, this is very easy with the right tools. Then you start to write and create different posts about your niche.
  • Then, you sign with an affiliate partner (for example Amazon) that sell products related to your niche. You will receive a code unique to you.
  • Now, all you have to do is go to your website, write about a product that you liked and put a link to the product’s page on Amazon.How does affiliate marketing works

The key is that every link that you use to redirect to Amazon will contain your unique code, those are called “affiliate links”. When someone on your website click on any of those links containing your unique code, Amazon knows that you are the one who send this client to them, and if a sell is made, you earn a commission for it.


Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Does affiliate marketing workYes, and the reason is simple. Everyone is always looking on internet for all kind of product’s review before buying it. In my example, if I decide one day to do some camping, I can guarantee you that I will look on the Internet for some review about products, and recommendations. If I end up on your website, read one of your review and click on your link to buy a tent, you will get a commission for this sell because you initiated it. How amazing is this!


Start With The Best Platform

There are a lot of programs around the web that can help you start your business within the affiliate marketing. The best one to this day is Wealthy Affiliate. It will guide you from the very beginning, help you create a website, host it on their server, and give you lessons to build your business step-by-step. It is an amazing platform with a great community and support and you can join for free, no credit card required!

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