The Ways To Avoid Scams Online

The Ways To Avoid Scams Online


There are so many opportunities around the web when it comes to make money online that it may be hard to find the right place to start. The hardest part is to find the real solution in the middle of all the scams around the web. Here, you will see different ways to avoid scams online and help you with your choice.


How To Identify A Scam

Here are the things you should look for:

# 1 : The “Make A Lot Of Money Online Fast” Claim

This is for me a straight SCAM Alert. Run fast.


When you spend some time looking online you will see all of those promises of fast and easy money, and of course with almost no work to do. Even if you are skeptic, it is still tempting and you may end up asking yourself:

“Can I make money online fast?” The answer is NO.

There is no secret way to earn a huge amount of money in just a couple of days or weeks. You can make money online, sure, but YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.

Those scams are just trying to use the dreams and expectations of people that are in need of money. In the end, they will only be ripped off by the “product” they bought. A huge waste of time and money

# 2 : A Video Presentation, That’s It


This is also one of my runaway sign. When all you have on the website’s page is a video, this is a red flag. You shouldn’t even waste your time to watch it. Most of the time it starts with this big promise of money, then the rest of the speech turn around “Yes! Yes! It works! You will earn a lot! You can trust us!” and so on, but they never really tell you what their method is or even who they are.

#3 : Who Is Behind It

Very simple: if you cannot find anything about the owner, thenBusinessman_Random_200 runaway.

A legit system will have nothing to hide so the owner should have no reason to hide either. See on their website if there is some information about the people behind it.

Be careful though. If there are some information or a picture, a simple way to check if they are legit or not is to look up the names or even do a reverse picture search. You will see then if the picture has been stolen for example.
If in doubt, don’t join!

#4 : What Is Their Method AboutQuestion_Mark_H200

If they don’t go into detail (this is the service that they sell after all), they should at least let you know what kind of program it is. If you cannot see any kind of information on what you will be doing once you join then stay safe and don’t join. You will not pay for a product in a shop without knowing what it is. The same thing applies here.

#5 : The Cost And The Hidden Upsells


The important point here is to see how much you will have to invest before you can actually start. A good program should offer a good service for a reasonable price. Also you shouldn’t have to pay extra money for the different services that you will need anyway, it should be included.

If they are not, then the basic price should be low enough to allow you to buy those services with them (or elsewhere) for a total price that is still acceptable. But still I would NOT RECOMMEND IT IN ANY CASE! Those are still hidden upsells, there is no guarantee that you will actually have what you need or at a price that is acceptable.

Ideally, you should be able to sign-up for free.

#6 : The Money Back Guarantee


Well, if the product and training are good enough, they should be no need for money back. So why do they insist so much on it? They could just provide a limited free account/trial so the new members can have a look on the inside and decideif it is for them.

Even if they “promise” that you will get your money back, it may be a real challenge to actually get it back once the payement has been made.


Looking for a Legit Program?

Now, if you are looking for a real and legit way to make money online, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

This platfrom has been around for 13 years, providing its members with the best training and help that can be found. It teaches you how to build your own online business from scratch with the help of real expert in the field.

And the best part? You can start for FREE. They don’t ask you for any billing information when you create your account. Your free membership is for life and you have no obligation to upgrade if you don’t want to.

Read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate Here


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Have you been victim of scam or have you some doubt about a product? Please, share your experience below! And don’t hesitate to leave any feedback, comment or question 🙂

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