A Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2017 – Real Or Scam?

A Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2017 – Real Or Scam?


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Wealthy Affiliate Make Money Today

If you are here, then you are looking for a real way to make money online. With this Wealthy Affiliate review, I will present you the best platform online to achieve your goals. You will have an insight of what it is and why it is the REAL way to start making money online!

Wealthy Affiliate – A Quick Overview


Name: Wealthy Affiliatewa_university_401x77

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com


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What is Wealthy Affiliate? – A Little History

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim and started as keyword list membership site offering high searched keywords for internet marketers. By the end of the year they added a forum.

With the intention to help, they started to add some trainings. Then came the time when they realized that they could offer more and developed their own hosting platform in 2007: SiteRubix.

With time, they had their own hosting platform, their own website builder, their forum, a live chat and their keyword lists! And they added more training videos and tutorials.

2012 was a great year for them. In May they released their Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, and in October they launched the Free Starter Membership! Followed in January 2013 by the appearance of the Classrooms.

Again, they kept working on improving their platform a lot and adding new features over time.

The last great improvement was made the 12 December 2017, when they officially integrated Jaaxy, their amazing keyword tool, into Wealthy Affiliate.

This is just an overview of the amazing evolution of Wealthy Affiliate and if you want you can find more details here.


Wealthy Affiliate – Why Is It My Choice?

Good question… And simple answer.

I looked for a very long time on the Internet before making my choice. I read a lot of reviews about a lot of products and Wealthy Affiliate was one of the programs that seems to look legit.

The main reason I gave this program a chance was because I could join for free, no credit card. This condition was mandatory for me. So I decided to have a look from the inside and make my own opinion and I really liked what I found.


What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate – All The Tools You Need!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you literally get everything you need to build your own website, host it and manage it!

The courses:
There are so many of them that at first it may seem overwhelming, but they are very well thought and design to explain each step easily. Each course is divided in 10 lessons and through them you will accomplish small task, like finding a subject for your website, a name for it, create your website in WordPress and so on…

Live Training:
Another awesome feature is the Live Video Classes. Every week there is a Live Training video with a live Q&A at the end. This is a really good way to learn more about the affiliate world, and all those videos are available on replay!

“WHAT??? Create my own website??? HELP!!!” This was my reaction when I found about it… But don’t worry! They give you their own tool to do it which is SiteRubix, and it literally takes 30 seconds to create your website with it!

The Keyword Research Tool:
This is one of the most important tool. It will help you find great keywords and build your content in a way that will help you website to get better rank in google. At the end of 2017, they integrated Jaaxy, one of the best keyword available into their platform! This is an amazing new feature now available for their member 🙂

The Community:
You also have all the help from the community and the trainings that any member can create to help each other. Everyone can develop a topic of their choice and make their own lesson about it. It can be something new that they just heard of, or just go in more detail on some existing lesson.


SiteRubix – The All In One Tool To Create Your Own Website

Now for the practical part, you will need to build your own website and manage it. For this, you will use the amazing and extraordinary SiteRubix platform! Okay, I may be a little enthusiast about it, but I don’t know anything about coding, or hosting a website, how to secure it or anything else for that matter. And here, everything is done in one click!

What you can do with it:

  • Manage all your websites.
  • Build your website.
  • Find a domain, or register a domain you already have, and host on their SiteRubix platform
  • Write your content directly within the platform, save your posts or articles and publish them whenever you are ready.
  • Ask for review of your content or your website from the other members or leave one for them.
  • Get direct access to the support. For any question, you will get an answer in only a few minutes!

No need of any kind of knowledge before starting, SiteRubix will help you in every aspect regarding your website 🙂

Find my review about Siterubix and see how easy to use it is, right here!


The Support At Wealthy Affiliate – An Entire Community At Your Service

The support at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best I have ever seen.
Everything is design to provide you the best support possible.

First, you have the technical support which is amazing. If you have any kind of trouble with your website you can ask them and they will answer in only a few minutes and do everything they can to help you out. All you need to do is one click and type your request. No annoying phone, no waiting time. Simple and effective.

Then you have all the support coming from the community. There is a live chat platform that allows you to ask any question and any member who knows the answer can help you out. Or you can post a comment, a blog post, even send a private message to get help.

Wealthy Affiliate has more than 800k members (at the time of writing this article), and with time a lot of them become real experts, so if you have any trouble you can be sure that at least one of them has already encountered it, and if not there always will be a lot of people ready to dig into it to find a solution.

Also, one of the things that really amazed me the most is that you can directly contact the owners if you ever need to! Of course, you may not get an instant reply, they have their own business to run, but they will definitively try to help you out if they can ^^


How To Join Wealthy Affiliate – Join For FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join, no credit card, no personal information.

Start with a Free Account: Sign up here!

The best part? When you sign up for free, you will have a 7-day trial period where you will have the benefits of the premium members. Since there are so many classes, lessons, and all kind of training (that can be create by other members too!) it is mostly design to help you have a look at everything the platform have to offer.

But don’t worry, even when the trial period ends, you will still have access to the level one of the courses which gives you all the tools you need, and by the end of it, you will have your own website ready and running with some content that you created!

Continue the adventure with a Premium account: For the First Month Special Offer click here!

This is the best choice if you really want to optimize your website as much as you can. You will have access to every course, all the live training and much more. But I think the following picture will show you better what a Premium account can offer you.

The Premium is $49 a month, or $359 a year.


And if you join with a free account, you keep it forever!

If you ever want to upgrade to a Premium membership, you can do so at anytime. And the Premium yearly is only $359/year with full access to everthing which is less than $1 a day!


Please, note that the free membership is not available in those following countries:
Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam.
To protect the community at Wealthy Affiliate from fraud and spam, the owners decided to limit the offer for those countries to Premium membership only.


My Conclusion – A Must In The Industry

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is THE best training that can be found at the moment. It is an all-in-one platform that will guide you through every step on your journey to success. The courses are really well done and easy to understand without previous knowledge and they provide all the tools you need to start to build your business. The support from the team behind Wealthy Affiliate as well as the support coming from the community itself is one of the best that can be found. And most importantly, you can start for FREE!

Don’t forget the bonuses!

Join for free and have a look around the platform. You will see everything that the program has to offer, from the amount and the quality of the training to the great community!

If you join within the first 7 days, you will get 61% discount on the first month (only $19)! You will have access to their weekly Live Video Classes, their integrated keyword tool, the help of the expert of the community and much more!

When you create your account, you will receive a private message to guide you through the first steps of your training!


Ready To Start Your Own Business Online And Make Money?

Then the best thing to do is to create your free account, have a look from the inside and make your own opinion 🙂

Discover The Program! Join For Free!




If you have any comment or want to share your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, please leave it below 🙂

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